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How To Get Started
Follow these steps to start selecting songs and downloading songs on Picknmix.com.au

New to Picknmix ? Not sure how it works then follow these simple steps to get started and downloading your favourite karaoke songs.

Step 1

You are able to search for songs seeing what we have available, but before you can select any songs (adding them to your cart) you'll need to purchase some download song credits.

Step 2

Each song you choose is one song credit and you can purchased between 1 song and 100 credits.

The song credits don't expire and you dont have you use them all at once either.

You will notice there are two price points, one is a for the casual purchaser and you will see prices decrease the more song credits you purchase.

The second price point is for our
VIP Members and you can select from 10 and 200 song credits and you can become a VIP member instantly when purchasing your song credit.

Just select which membership term you want be it 3, 6 or 12 months and you will instantly see that reduces the price down to $1.99 each regardless of how many song credits you purchase.

If you're planning to purchase a lot of songs it certainly pays to be a VIP member as the membeship fee is quickly recouped some times instantly.

Step 3

To purchase your song credit all you need to do is click on the
Buy Song Credit button.

It will display 3 options

a. Sign in to your existing account.

If you have purchased before on
www.khe.com.au or www.khe.co.nz you can use those credentials details on Picknmix.com.au.

If you're a new customer choose from either option (b) or (c).

b. Australian Resident

c. New Zealand Resident

Either (b) or (c) options will auto create you an express Picknmix account for you.

Step 4

Now you can select from which song credit pack you want including if you want to be a VIP member
as listed in Step 2.

Step 5

Once you have selected which song pack you want you will be directed to PayPal to complete the payment for your purchase.

Don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account becuase you can use your credit card to complete the purchase.

This method is a fully secured automated and instant process, and once your payment has been processed you will be directed back to Picknmix.com.au and song credits will be ready for you to use, and if you have choosen a VIP Membership that Active Status will also appear.

If you have any issues with this payment method you call 1300 550 630 or 00 613 9703 0111 and pay via credit card over the phone or you can arrange to do a Bank Deposit either in Australia or New Zealand.

Step 6

Now you can search by song title and or artist and it will display the results.

Tip: Keep your search enquiry short as possible as it avoids typing errors i.e "Frank Sinatra", just type "Frank S" or by song title instead of "Better The Devil You Know" just enter "Better the Devil".

In other words less typing is more and easier and in most cases you will get a better search result.

Step 7

What is
MPX ?? after the song title.

This means the song is
Multiplex Audio aka MPX, and that means the song features a cover vocalist which on a compatible karaoke machine (Sonken MP4000) or karaoke software (PCDJ Karaoki) you can switch on or off this cover vocalist.

It's a great way to learn song before going alone or if your too shy to sing on your own choose these tracks to assist you.

Step 8

Once you have found the song you want you can listen to 30 second sample before hand, if your happy with the song click the ADD TO CART Button it will be added to your cart.

You haven't purchased the song yet, haven't used any song credit yet either, it's just been added to the shopping cart.

Just under the search bar the moment you click the ADD TO CART button you will see in red text view cart.

Click this to view and review the songs in your shopping cart, you can remove any song by pushing the
X button.

It's on this page you complete your order and instantly on the screen you will be able to download the songs to your PC.

Step 9

Songs will be download to your PC and located in the Downloads Folder.

Songs will be available your My Downloads account for 15 days so its best to push the download button so you have them on your PC.

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