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Picknmix Download Membership Club Membership has its rewards, join immediately to always enjoy the lowest price*
for any of the following song credit packs.

Plus you also get a 10% discount off all digital albums during
your membership period as a bonus.

12 Month Memberships are now available when you
purchase your song credit.

Purchase Song Credit Songs Rate Per Song Price
VIP 010 DOWNLOAD SONG CREDITS 10 $1.99 $19.90
VIP 015 DOWNLOAD SONG CREDITS 15 $1.99 $29.85
VIP 030 DOWNLOAD SONG CREDITS 30 $1.99 $59.70
VIP 050 DOWNLOAD SONG CREDITS 50 $1.99 $99.50
VIP 100 DOWNLOAD SONG CREDITS 100 $1.99 $199.00
VIP 200 DOWNLOAD SONG CREDITS 200 $1.99 $398.00

*All Picknmix.com.au Pricing is subject to change without notice, VIP members will always enjoy the best price.

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