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FREE MS-62 SYSTEM WITH PURCHASE OF 500 SONGS  - AUD $995.00 by khe.co.nz - 00 613 9557 5110

This is your opportunity to get our top selling Miic Star MS-62 Digital Karaoke System including 2 Wireless Microphones from Karaoke Home Entertainment valued at $399.99 for FREE, when you purchase this SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER.

We have created this SPECIAL OFFER so you can totally customise your NEW MS-62 KARAOKE SYSTEM with 500 SONGS YOU LOVE at a totally amazing, lowest price per song offer.

You get to choose from over 90,000 MP3+G Karaoke Songs or over 68,000 HD-MP4 Songs from www.picknmix.com.au and we also have Multiplex songs aka (MPX) which means you can with a push of a button turn on or off the cover vocalist singer. A great way to learn the song if you just don't want to sing alone.

How good is this deal? Well normally our biggest song download voucher is 100 songs for $249.00 that's $2.49 per song.

That means this 500 song voucher is valued at $1245 on its own. But with this SPECIAL OFFER we will not only save $250.00 on this 500 song download voucher but we have EXTRA SAVINGS for you as well.

How? Because we are also giving you a Miic Star MS-62 Karaoke System for FREE which is valued at $399.99 as a part of this amazing SPECIAL OFFER.

PLUS, we are including a host of other FREE GOODIES which brings the total value of this deal to $1799.96.


So for $995.00 you get a 500 Song Picknmix.com.au Karaoke Download Voucher for the lowest price of $1.99 per song.

Plus we are giving you all this FREE Stuff...

  • 1. FREE - MS-62 - Miic Star Karaoke System with 2 Wireless Microphones - VALUED at $399.99

  • 2. FREE UPGRADE from 8GB to 32GB SD Memory Card for song storage - VALUED at $39.99

  • 3. FREE - Shipping in Australia or New Zealand - VALUED at $35.00 AUS / $50.00 NZ

  • 4. FREE - 2x Anti-Roll Microphone Clip/Stand - VALUED at $10.00

  • 5. FREE - 5x Hygienic Microphone Socks - VALUED at $19.99

  • 6. FREE - 12 Months www.picknmix.com.au/VIP Membership - VALUED AT $49.99

    As a VIP customer you'll get the very best MEMBERS only pricing for all future song purchases for 12 months.

  • OH and if your interested we can even UP your VIP Membership from 12 Months to LIFETIME VIP MEMBERSHIP for a single one-time only fee of $99.99, but ONLY IF PURCHASED together with this $995.00 SPECIAL OFFER.

    PICKNMIX.COM.AU LIFETIME VIP just launched online at $149.99, so you save $50.00 here with this deal!

    LOOK what's Included in the MS-62 System box....

  • Miic Star MS-62 Karaoke System.

  • 2 Wireless Microphones.

  • Remote Control.

  • 32GB SD Card.

  • RCA Video Cable.

  • HDMI Video Cable (Maximum Resolution 1280 x 720).

  • USB Cable to Connect MS-62 to your PC to add songs to SD Card, Only required if you don't have a SD Card Slot on your PC.

  • Power Supply.

  • Want some other languages song packs (Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Philippines, Vietnamese etc) with this order no problem just add them to cart and we will prepare them to ship with your order! (See below for song packs)

    and YES we will even still give you MORE FREE SONGS if you leave us your purchase review!

    Remember this and any karaoke system is only as good as what you are connecting it to, we don't recommend sound bars whatsoever, and TV's should only really be used to display the karaoke lyrics.

    We recommend either a Karaoke Powered Speaker, Karaoke Amplifier and Speakers or you can use a Home Theatre System (HTS) providing you have two front speakers suitable for music and microphone vocals, and remember to you must switch the HTS to 2 Channel Stereo, still not sure please call.
    View Our Information Video Click To Learn How To Connect + 12 Tips Guide
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    AUD $995.00

    Free Standard Shipping, Optional Registered or Express Post International
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    Extra AUD $99.99
    LIFETIME VIP Membership Offer (Save $50)
    LIFETIME VIP Membership Offer (Save $50)

    FREE MS-62 SYSTEM WITH PURCHASE OF 500 SONGS  - AUD $995.00 by khe.co.nz - 00 613 9557 5110

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