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Each Song Pack Downloads as single zip file containing all the songs, simply transfer to your MS-62's SD Card in to the MY SONGS folder to play.

Only Multiplex (MPX) labelled song packs feature the option of switching on / off the cover vocalist singer.

All these MP4 song packs are specifically formatted for the Miic Star MS-62 Karaoke System so you can easily create a song book.

Miic Star MS-62 Karaoke System

* Use the SYS or MPX button on the MS-62 remote control to turn On/Off the cover vocalist singer (Multiplex - MPX) feature.

You can also purchase for this system individual karaoke songs in MP4 or MP3+G karaoke formats, there are also MP3+G albums. Please Note: That all our MP3+G songs are not formatted as these packs have been so you will need to edit the file names prior to transferring to the MY SONGS folder on the SD Card).

Check to see what the last song is numbered so you can sequentially add them using the same formatting as the other songs i.e. Song Number-Artist Name-Song Title

MP3+G - each song has 2 files.
100001-Kylie Minogue-Better The Devil You Know.cdg
100001-Kylie Minogue-Better The Devil You Know.mp3

MP4 - is single file.
100001-Kylie Minogue-Better The Devil You Know.mp4

MP4 songs can be also placed in the DOWNLOADS folder on the SD Card without file formatting they will just play.

Any song MP3+G or MP4 which is placed in the MY SONGS folder will need to be formatted as the system requires this information to create the excel song book file.

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