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Which Karaoke Format Do I Choose ?

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    Please choose carefully the correct karaoke format for your karaoke device, as due to the custom nature of our services once a purchase has been made we cannot change the order due to licensing and copyright reasons.

    Song Key and Reproduction

    All songs are produced in professional recording studio and in the style of the original artist that made the song famous and in the same key, the performances do not contain any original artist vocals whatsoever and backing vocals will be present in our versions if the original version had backing vocals.

    Karaoke CD+G, CDG or CD+Graphics

    Is a normal compact disc with the +Graphic lyrics which when played in a CD+G compatible machine, connected to a television will show on-screen lyrics.

    They are also the preferred format if taking to karaoke venues, can also be used as a backing track.

    Karaoke DVD

    Will play in any DVD player and will show on-screen lyrics, songs on the DVD will be displayed via on-screen menu.

    Karaoke MP3+G

    Requires a MP3+G compatible Karaoke machine like the Sonken MP500/MP600/MP1000/MP2000/MP4000, Karaoke Boom Box, Miic Star Karaoke System MS-62 or Magic Sing ET-23KH Karaoke System.

    You can also use
    PCDJ Karaoki Hosting Software for Windows® PC's.

    MP3+G Karaoke songs all feature on-screen lyrics, can also be used as a MP3 audio only backing track.

    Karaoke MP4

    For compatible MP4 devices like the Miic Star Karaoke System MS-62, MAX Karaoke System, Mobile Phones, Tablets, PCs etc. all with on-screen lyrics.

    MPX (Multiplex) Vocal Tracks

    Look for the Multiplex Audio icon after the song title on CD+G, MP3+G and MP4 songs, these multiplex audio tracks feature a full cover vocalist artist which you can switch on and off on your MPX compatible karaoke device.

    If the device is not MPX compatible the full vocal track will be always on as default.

    This enables you to learn the song with the aid of the cover vocalist and then switch them off to do a solo performance.

    For DVD you will see the Full Vocal icon after the song title, the cover vocalist on these tracks is always on and cannot be switched off.

    Buying a Karaoke Machine

    Looking to buy a Karaoke Machine so you can play our Karaoke Songs then visit
    www.khe.com.au (Australia) or www.khe.co.nz (New Zealand) for a great range of karaoke solutions.