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Apple® Download Support
By purchasing song credit or full album downloads you hereby agree to these additional Apple® PC Users terms and conditions.

If you are using an Apple® Mac Computer to download your songs and are finding that you're Karaoke files are not being recognized by your player or only the karaoke audio playing with no on-screen lyrics appearing you need use a different program to uncompress the zip files.

Also make sure that your storage device is formatted correctly according to your karaoke players specifications with FAT32 being the most common requirement, with no other files present on the USB memory stick.

Gordon Gill a download customer and a MAC user on OSX discovered that 'mac archive utility' was the problem!

Once he switched to 'Stuffit Expander' and used another web browser other than Safari he had no further problems.

If you don't have it, get it for free here: Just click on download button on the left.

Once you have installed it, download the songs as you normally would and choose 'save file' and save them to your preferred folder/location.

You may wish to make a new folder, once you have done this for all the songs you wish to download, go and open that folder which contains all your new songs.

You should see all the files you just downloaded, each file will have the extension '.zip.'

Right Click on one of the files, select 'open with' and then choose 'Stuffit Expander.'

Then choose a folder to uncompress the file into:

The 'zip' files you uncompress will contain 2 identical named files only with different extensions (cdg & mp3). Your karaoke player will recognize this combination.

The image below shows the folder containing all 5 songs now uncompressed by Stuffit Expander. These can then be transferred to the karaoke machine.

Additional Terms And Conditions Apple® PC Users.

In purchasing any song credit from you hereby acknowledge and accept that you may encounter the aforementioned download issues with MP3+G songs when using a Apple® Mac® PC, and that you further accept and acknowledge that Karaoke Home Entertainment and/or cannot provide any further support other than that is listed on this page to facilitate a successful download at your end, and should you require any additional assistance over that is provided on this page with your Apple® Mac® PC that becomes your sole responsibility to seek external support from an Apple® IT specialist at your own cost to resolve the download issue. in good faith provides this
Download Link which is a 100% Free MP3+G Karaoke Sample Song so you can experiment prior to the purchase of any song credit from, and by making any purchase of song credit from you hereby acknowledge and accept that you have successfully downloaded the Free MP3+G Song Sample and that it successfully plays (audio and lyrics) on your MP3+G compatible karaoke machine and that under no circumstances will you be entitled to a refund for the song credits purchased once any songs have been purchased/selected/checked-out using your song credits due to song copyright licensing.