Become An MP3+G Expert In 10 Mins
Thursday Jul. 18, 2024 - 10:54 PM

So, you want to convert your Karaoke CD+G's into modern MP3+G song files?

Great! Well you have come to the right place, see I have personally converted over 200,000 tracks since 2009 so I have become pretty accustomed to doing it, an "expert" you could say.

We sell thousands of CD+G discs each year at KHE and all the modern Karaoke players, machines and software packages now can also play MP3+G songs, so there has never been a better time to convert your song library!

Don't bother converting via the Karaoke machine, that method is time consuming, you might as well just continue playing the CD+G discs. You want to sing your songs not spend hours converting them and that's what it's going to take when you do it that way!

I can make you an MP3+G Expert too in around 10 minutes, I have helped many users the world over to get their libraries updated to MP3+G and I can do the same for you.

Get all my years of knowledge crammed into a short mastery lesson, no matter your skill set on a PC, I even include compatible software for your Windows®
based PC to aid in the process of converting your discs.

"How To Convert CD+G's Into MP3+G's" e-book will guide you quickly on how to get it all done super fast!
All These Topics Covered
eBook How To Convert CD+G Become An MP3+G Expert In 10 Minutes from now...

  • Comprehensive eBook instruction manual detailing...

  • How to download and install the conversion software.

  • How to setup and how to use the conversion software.

  • How to use the conversion software through all the different modes including converting from...

    (a) CD+G Disc to individual BIN files.

    (b) CD+G Disc to individual MP3+G song files.

    (c) CD+G Disc to ZIP files.

    (d) MP3+G to BIN files.

    (e) MP3+G to ZIP files.

    (f) ZIP Files to BIN files.

  • How to use the auto song renaming feature whilst converting songs.

  • One click easy conversion software download link from KHE server.

  • How to actual screen-shots so you can follow along with each step.

Become An MP3+G Expert In 10 Mins

The "How To Convert CD+G's Into MP3+G's" is all about saving you time
and easily worth the asking price of $19.99 believe me it will save you countless hours of work.

However for a limited time you can get it for only $4.99.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the bonus see below a very cool tool to save even more time,
included free with your purchase.

Now the two software programs are freely available to you download right now and we can say goodbye, that's right nothing to pay just download and install via these links:

Audiograbber (Windows®) or MP3+G Toolz (Windows®). Please note: Apple® Macintosh® is not supported by either program.

HOWEVER they don't provide any supporting documents on how to use these programs correctly and that's where my e-book makes the job all the more simplier for you, it takes out all the guess work and you don't spend hours configuring these tools you can just get straight into it.

Order Now

Get back to singing your favorite songs fast, order now! Delivery of your eBook complete with software download links is immediate via PDF download, it doesn't matter if it's 2am in the morning you're good to go instantly.

Tim van Andel

Extra Bonus Included:
If you are going to be converting lot of CD+G discs then you'll love this free bonus. I use this program at least once a week as it let's me rename thousands of song files super fast.

See recently I had to clean up a customers laptop of 10,000 songs so all the song and artist titles where the formated the same way and had to add in extra information too.

Before: SFACA-12-01 - kylie minogue_better the devil you know


Manually renaming them would take days and be really expensive, let's face time is money, but with the Remaining Software Tool I had them all cleaned up in a few minutes!

How much is your time worth!!

It's your free bonus worth 10 times the ebook's asking price if you ask me alone, I love it and I know you will too!

Extra Bonus Included

Extra Bonus Included