The Android Karaoke Touch Pro (Click For Home Page)

Pro Edition of The Karaoke Touch for your compatible Android Digital Device 4.0+

Developed by Tim van Andel at Karaoke Home Entertainment (Australia) to bring you the next generation of Karaoke Players in the palm of your hand.

The Karaoke Touch Software enables you to playback all your MP3+G Karaoke songs from your smart phone or tablet device.
The Android Karaoke Touch Pro
Designed for multiple user experiences, be it Karaoke at home or in a commerical private room environment "The Karaoke Touch Pro Edition" is an extremely powerful Karaoke software program which enables the singer to seamlessly operate and enjoy their Karaoke.
Pro Edition Features
  • Simple one touch playback of a Karaoke song.

  • Use Karaoke Touch Pro to manage up to 100,000 MP3+G Karaoke songs (subject to available storage capacity), restricted to 10 song playback in Trial mode.

  • Karaoke song counters tells you how many songs are available to sing, on the main song, favourites, reserved and split screen menus.

  • Touch control song selection menu with fast scrolling.

  • Create song list feature, so you can print a catalogue of all songs.

  • Song search tool with auto logic technology built in making searching easy and fast.

  • Reserve songs whilst a singer is performing with the split screen auto cue.

  • 3 star count in for songs which have been Reserved, giving you a little extra time between songs to get ready.

  • Tag which songs are your favourites during playback of the song.

  • My Karaoke favourite’s song list, see all you favourites in one dedicated menu.

  • Supports Multiplex Karaoke songs, so you can switch on/off the lead vocals on Multiplex Tracks during playback.

  • Tag Multiplex Karaoke songs so you know which songs have this feature at a glance.

  • Show or Hide at a single touch during song playback the top and bottom tool bars revealing: Play, Pause, Stop, Next + Previous Track, Multiplex (On/Off), Favourite + Multiplex Song Tag (On/Off), Audio Setup (EQ), Repeat (All/One) and Shuffle Play Buttons.

  • Play, Stop, Pause, Previous and Next Track buttons with Repeat (All/One) and Shuffle Play.

  • Change the size of the on-screen lyrics for easy reading.

  • Change the Music Volume, including individual left and right channels independently.

  • 5 Band Graphic Equalizer (EQ).

  • 6 Pre-Set Graphic Equalizer Modes (Standard, Classic, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Electric).

  • Playback songs from SD Card, USB Memory Stick or Hard Drive via USB Port.

  • Direct link from the search bar to so you can buy more MP3+G songs via Digital Download, choose from full albums or 82,032 single songs as of (Saturday Apr. 21, 2018).
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